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We pick up a few days after the events from last season’s finale. Gemma’s on the lam, caged inside a cheap motel. Tara’s dealing with the emotional aftermath of seeing Half-Sack gutted in front of her, wracked with guilt over Abel’s kidnapping. Jax is numb, shell-shocked over the kidnapping of his baby boy.

Bobby approaches Clay inside the SAMCRO Clubhouse, fills him in on some intel they got from Laroy about Cameron’s whereabouts, tells Clay he talked to Tig — Gemma’s been moved to a club-friendly motel outside Rogue River, Oregon. Clay says Gemma can’t find out about Abel –- the news would crush her. She knows about Half-Sack’s murder, but Abel’s kidnapping must be kept secret.

SOA roars up to Jax’s house to deliver the Cameron intel. Tara greets them, tells them Jax’s in the nursery. Jax’s brothers find him on the floor passed out. Opie scoops him up, tells him Laroy found a guy who made an ID for Cameron. They’re closer to finding Jax’s son.

Tara tells Clay she has to talk to Stahl and the FBI about Half-Sack’s murder and Abel’s kidnapping. Clay tells her to keep it simple, make no mention of the Irish. Clay reassures her she’s doing right by the club, she’s the best thing that’s happened to Jax. Jax comes in, still shaken, but cleaned up. He takes a moment alone with Tara, tells her she needs to get away from him, from Charming -– she doesn’t belong here. He exits, leaving her reeling. Tara, in a fit of rage, trashes the nursery.

Meanwhile, back at the Rogue River motel, Gemma spots something in a local newspaper that catches her eye. The information on the page takes her breath away. Gemma, trying to be incognito, sneaks out of her hotel room. She doesn’t get far before Tig grabs her. She tells Tig she needs to go home, shows him the newspaper. Tig says there’s a 10k reward for any leads on her, they gotta sit tight for now. But that doesn’t placate Gemma. She later tries to hotwire a car, but gets caught by the car owner and shanks him in the groin. Tig finally relents, he’ll take her home.

The guys meet with Laroy’s guy, Magoo. He informs them that he did an ID for an Irishman. Irish passport, American travel visa, name on it was Timothy O’Dell. Jax asks if they did an ID for a baby. No. Jax is devastated. His brothers reassure, they’ll find Abel. Magoo says he met Cameron in Chinatown. There’s a Marina near there, on Alice Street. They head out. A call to Unser confirms a slip in Timothy O’Dell’s name.

Back in Charming, Deputy Chief David Hale is packing his boxes, making the move to Chief, when his brother Jacob enters. Jacob’s there to ask for his brother’s endorsement as he runs in the mayoral primary against Oswald, it’d be great to have the Chief of Police in his corner. David backs him, whatever their beef, he’s still blood.

SOA arrive at the Marina, find Cameron’s boat. As Bobby and Chibs search it, something catches Jax’s eye. At the edge of the dock, he sees boat gack, netting, and snagged in the trap is Abel’s beanie. Jax picks it up, scans the bay, and goes to a very dark place. The moment is interrupted when two members of the East Dub Crew show up, looking nervous. They see Samcro and they take off. Our guys pursue them down the Oakland streets, firing shots back and forth. They end up at an EDC house and find themselves outgunned and outmanned. After Jax explains why they were there, one of the bangers tells Jax they bought Cam’s boat three days ago. Irish dude needed quick cash, but there was no kid with him. Another dead end sends Jax to pay a visit to JT’s grave. Conflicted, he leaves the SO ring on the gravestone.

The pressure of it all culminates for Tara. In surgery, a scalpel pressed to a baby’s belly reminds her of Abel and Tara suffers a panic attack, witnessed by her boss, Margaret Murphy. Later, in a heated discussion with Jax, she tells him she’s not supposed to leave. She’s made a choice — she belongs here.

Tig and Gemma arrive at a quiet rural home, Gemma’s childhood home. A caretaker greets them, and Gemma tells her she’s there to see her father. She reunites with her ailing father, Nate, and we reveal that Gemma’s mother, Rose, has just passed, as detailed in the newspaper obit.

At Half-Sack’s wake, we see Kozik, former Samcro and current Tacoma charter member. He tells the guys he’s thinking of coming back to Charming. Bobby tells him that’ll have to land on Tig. The members enter the viewing room, pay respect. Then we see Sack’s coffin, his cut draped over it -– FULL-PATCH. Clay confronts Jax over Sack’s casket. He tells him he’s gotta make the hard choice –- “Either Abel’s dead and you want revenge. Or he’s alive and you’ll kill to find him…”

As Jax debates whether to avenge his son’s death or save his son, we cut to Belfast –- a hooded man hastily carrying Abel down a damp alley. He throws back his hood — reveal Cameron Hayes, anxiously looking over his shoulder as he goes up some stairs of a brick-faced building. He knocks on the door and it cracks open revealing a woman, Maureen Ashby. She ushers him and Abel inside and out of the cold.

Back in Charming, our guys head out of the funeral home. A van slowly passes. We see two men, hoodies on, faces covered. Suddenly, they raise MAC-10s and open fire on the crowd. People scatter and scream –- chaos. Unser throws a round, wings the driver. The driver loses control of the van and the shooter falls out of the van as it escapes, running over Hale. In the aftermath, we see a mother wailing over her injured child. Chucky’s taken a hit in the arm. Hale’s dead. In a moment of clarity, Jax sees the shooter, now being held down by some unis. He pushes the unis back, and pounds the shooters head on the pavement over and over. Kill-mode. He’s made his choice.

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