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Jax succeeds in pushing Tara away when she catches him in a very compromising position with Ima. Lyla comes to Tara’s defense and clocks Ima for being stupid. Although Opie doesn’t think sleeping with Ima was enough to scare Tara away; she’s a strong woman, just like Donna was.

T.O. from the Grim Bastards calls the Sons with some bad news, the Calaveras killed his VP, Lander.  SOA get to the crime scene, see Lander with a knife to his skull, and realize that the Calaveras were sending a message. They pay the Mexicans a visit and press Alvarez for intel. GB and SOA confront Alvarez, who then corners Salazar, giving him an ultimatum. Either Alvarez kills him or Salazar tells him which one of his men was responsible. Salazar sells his brother out, and T.O. shoots the innocent Calaveras. A brother for a brother. Alvarez then strips Salazar of his patch and makes one of the other Calaveras president.  Jax and Clay appreciate Alvarez staying true to his word and handling business. For the first time, a Son embraces a Mayan.

In Belfast, Liam O’Neill, Belfast Sergeant-at-Arms, fills Jimmy O’ in about Samcro coming to Belfast. Jimmy says he’ll be ready for them.  Meanwhile, Fiona comes to Maureen with one of Jimmy’s young recruits who’s been seriously injured by a Molotov cocktail. We see how Jimmy’s influence has become more bloody and senseless and less about the cause. Kellan tells Fiona that she and Kerrianne will need to stay in the rectory for their safety because Jimmy will come looking for them.

The club is set to go to Belfast to get Abel; they’ve made arrangements with Oswald and they’ll be heading out that afternoon. Gemma calls Maureen to let her know Samcro is on their way. That’s when Maureen drops a bombshell on Gemma; Trinity is John Teller’s daughter. Gemma’s head spins; the twist of history is too much for her to handle, and she becomes physically ill. Later, Tara comes in and tells Gemma about Jax and Ima. Gemma pulls herself together and gives Tara some old lady advice. She tells her she has to be the constant; ride it out. But Tara doesn’t want Jax finding out about her pregnancy. Gemma says her silence can be bought; she’ll need a favor. Next, we see Tara risking her career to get Gemma out of the hospital when Gemma fakes a seizure, giving them an opportunity for Gemma to get away. But Margaret Murphy is onto them, calling Tara out on her plan. Margaret, seeing the good doctor’s in a very tough position, decides to help her out, corroborating Tara’s story about Gemma’s escape to the police. While Gemma’s escaping, they’re intercepted by Unser, who is forced to bring Gemma in. Gemma tests her old friend’s loyalty and defies his authority. In the end, he can’t go through with betraying Samcro and he lets her go. With sirens following Tig in the Cutlass and Gemma in the tow truck, they decide to swap vehicles to throw the cops off, but that will leave Tig behind in Charming. Gemma, Jax, and Clay arrive at Oswald’s hangar, ready for take off. Clay makes a call to McGee in Belfast to confirm arrangements, things are set. But when McGee gets off the phone, we see him walk to Jimmy O’ and learn he and O’Neill are both working with him.

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