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Jax, Clay, Gemma, Bobby, Chibs, Opie, Juice, and Happy finally arrive in Belfast in hopes of finding Abel. They’re greeted by their SOA brethren, Sambel and Dungloe charters, but the tension between Sambel’s Sargeant-at-Arms Liam O’Neill and Jax is palpable. Jax doesn’t trust O’Neill, and for good reason. Later, O’Neill informs Jimmy that Samcro is on to him. As for Abel, we see he’s still at the black market Catholic orphanage, but we don’t know how much longer he’s there, Kellan gives the baby his blessing.

Back in Charming, Tig’s in jail after leading the cops on a wild chase, resulting in his license being suspended. Tara bails him out. His beef with Kozik is getting more ridiculous, but we know there is a female that came between the two. They later duke it out in the ring, but Tig vows to never let Kozik patch in to Charming. At the police station, Unser’s paid a visit by Jacob Hale who reminds him about their deal and tells him he has to be a cop, not an ally to Samcro. Just then, Hector Salazar is brought into custody for assaulting an admin at the hospital involving dead Pozo. He’s arrested and booked while Jacob Hale logs the intel in his bribery bank. Jacob offers Earnest Darby money to get Lumpy to sell the gym by any means necessary. Darby accepts, but doesn’t want to be the old Darby anymore, and decides he can’t go through with the task. So then Jacob goes to Salazar, bailing him out of jail, and offers him 4k to get Lumpy out. A psychopathic Salazar takes an AK-47 to Lumpy’s gym, destroying it, and brutally assaults Lumpy in the process, before leaving a message for the Sons not to mess with the Mayans. This all seems to be too much for one of the new SOA prospects Shepard who’s been tasked to keep watch at the gym, and we see him bail and leave his cut behind at the Samcro lot.

Lyla comes to Tara for a favor, she needs an anonymous abortion. Tara’s taken aback, but offers help. She asks Margaret, who assumes it’s for Tara, and says she’s doing the right thing by not bringing a baby into an unstable environment. Margaret’s words linger with Tara, and we see her make an appointment later at the same clinic while accompanying Lyla for her abortion.

Back in Belfast, our guys realize they’re not in Charming anymore when they run into a roadblock by the PSNI, Police Service of Northern Ireland, and are detained due to their outstanding warrants in the States. Gemma, in another vehicle, decides to take a risk and help free our guys and convinces Luther, Sambel road captain, to run the lorry into the PSNI truck and help free the guys from the truck. Luther does as he’s ordered, and our guys get out of the van and take the PSNI hostage. They realize it’s all a set-up by Jimmy O’ to get them out of Belfast. It’s a family reunion for Chibs who is reunited with his nephew, Padraic, and later, with Fiona and his daughter, Kerrianne. Clay and McGee, both First 9, are also reunited after many years. And our matriarchs, Gemma and Maureen, come face-to-face, it’s evident their history runs deep. Jax meets Trinity, but are both unaware about John and Belfast, and Maureen would like to keep it that way. Jax goes to Kellan to find out where he’s been holding his son, and Kellan reveals that Jimmy wants to end the IRA’s relationship with the Sons of Anarchy and the IRA council have made a decision to make Jimmy go away, but they need an outsider to do it. Kellan tells Jax if he kills Jimmy, he’ll make sure he has his son back safe. But next we see Abel, picked up by a nice looking couple — he’s been adopted.

Tidbit: “Lochan Mor” means little pond in Gaelic. Ponder that…
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