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We pick up with Jax, who’s still reeling from Kellan’s reveal about the Army council’s request to get rid of Jimmy in exchange for Abel.  Jax is unsure of whom to trust; he doesn’t trust O’Neill and now he’s conflicted about Kellan. He asks Stahl to check Kellan out.  In the meantime, Samcro accompanies Sambel on a protective run for the IRA where they’ll meet Jimmy for the pickup in Dungloe. McGee makes a call to Jimmy, confirms the plan with him. They’re one step ahead of Samcro. They arrive at a rural barn for the pickup of the guns where they see just what type of soldiers Jimmy’s recruiting for the cause; boys as young as fifteen. Jax tasks Juice to keep an eye on O’Neill, and Juice and Happy follow him out of the barn as he excuses himself to use the restroom.  Juice notices one of Jimmy’s boys chaining up the barn door with the guys still inside. Inside the barn, SOA realize they’ve been set up and are trapped inside the barn. They use the flat bed truck to crash through the doors right before O’Neill detonates a bomb.  The vehicle explodes and in the commotion, Jax has a vision of John Teller. Reality returns and we see Padraic, Chibs’s nephew, has been killed. Later, we see Trinity consoling Jax. Gemma comes out and spots the two half-siblings having an almost intimate moment and becomes concerned they are getting dangerously close.

Kellan tasks Michael Casey to watch Fiona and Kerrianne at Maureen’s apartment.  But things take a turn when Jimmy and Donny barge in and shoot Michael dead and take the women hostage.  Trinity hears the commotion and rushes up to the apartment with a revolver from underneath the cash register and as Donny walks into the hallway, she fires a shot. Chaos ensues and Maureen stabs Jimmy, who drops his gun. Gemma retrieves it and points it at him. The tables turned.  However it’s Fiona who takes control of the situation by making sure Gemma doesn’t jeopardize her family’s safety. She doesn’t let Gemma shoot Jimmy but instead, leads Jimmy and Donny out at gunpoint herself.  Later, Gemma confronts Kellan about Abel.  Kellan says he’s keeping a promise to John, he loved John.  But Gemma doesn’t give Kellan an opportunity to glorify John anymore; she says John bailed on his family when they needed him the most. She calls Kellan a hypocrite and exits the church.

Back in Charming, Unser questions Lumpy about his attack. Lumpy tells him the attacker was Mexican and told him not to mess with the Mayans. With the damage that was done to the gym, he’s forced to sell.  When Tig, Kozik, and Piney hear about Lumpy, they decide to do their own investigation. They run into Earnest Darby at St. Thomas and confront him about the attack. Darby tells them he’s out of the game, but gives up Jacob Hale. The guys take this intel to Unser, who tells them no judge will believe them against Hale’s word. They decide to go shake down Salazar, see what he knows.  They go to his house, but don’t find him.  Meanwhile. Tara tells Margaret about her plans to end her pregnancy. Margaret wants to be there for Tara and offers to give her a ride to her appointment. Unser talks to Jacob Hale at a diner, tells him about Lumpy. Hale feigns ignorance and instead uses this as a political opportunity to tell Unser he’s must get rid of Samcro. Oswald walks in just as Hale is walking out. Oswald gives Unser some new information that could help him find Lumpy’s attacker, leading Unser to investigate and find out Hale Properties is behind the clearing out of Liberty Street where Lumpy’s gym was. Lumpy was the last to sell. As Hale exits one of his offices, he’s accosted by Salazar and his old lady who blackmail him and ask about how they can find Tara.  As Margaret drives Tara to her appointment, they’re bumped by a car from behind.  The women get out to assess the damage just as Luisa and Salazar get out of their car.  As they check the women for ink, they pull up Margaret’s jacket and reveal an elaborate back tattoo. Margaret has a past. They push the women into Margaret’s car at gunpoint and drive away.

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