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Sons of Anarchy and the IRA deal with the aftermath of the bomb.  Now that they suspect Jimmy O’ was behind it, Kellan Ashby needs to bring proof to the IRA council. Jax says he’ll need to find Liam O’Neill and make him confess. They go to Cherry, Liam’s old lady, to find out Liam’s whereabouts but she tells the club she doesn’t know where Liam could be.  But when Maureen and Gemma confront her about it, they get Cherry to spill and she tells them she found cash and a receipt for a loft at a Marina.  The Sons find Liam and Sean Casey tortures him to confess that Jimmy was behind the bomb.  Right before Jax puts Liam out of his misery, he rats out McGee. Jimmy and his men show up to the same warehouse to finish up some business with Liam, when they find SOA has gotten there first. The Sons have doused the warehouse with gasoline and set it on fire, but Jimmy escapes to the rooftop, where the Sons are waiting for him. There’s a shootout and amidst all the chaos, Jimmy flees once again, leaving McGee on the rooftop with Samcro to face the consequences.  Clay faces his brother, one of the First 9, and knows what he has to do.  He gives McGee a kiss on the cheek, and a heartfelt embrace before pushing him off the rooftop to his death.

Jax and Clay go to the IRA council with the proof they got from Liam, but the council says they’ll need to deal with Jimmy internally. Jax is furious, that wasn’t the deal he and Kellan agreed upon.  But Kellan says they’ll talk later. Jax goes back to the Crag Lodge, where he sees Trinity.  Trinity tries to comfort him by kissing him, and Jax reciprocates.  But before things go any further, Gemma and Maureen walk in on the oblivious brother and sister, and are forced to tell them both the truth about John Teller. Trinity is shell-shocked, and even more upset that Maureen lied to her all these years.  Jax is learning a little more about his father, and when he goes to Kellan Ashby again, he gets more truth, maybe more than he wanted to hear.  Kellan tells Jax that he and JT grew close, and that JT never wanted the life for his sons. He’s been keeping Abel from Jax to honor John Teller’s wishes, and maybe that’s what’s best for Abel; to be with a normal, loving family. This angers Jax, but also leaves him reeling. Perhaps it is what’s best. But right now, he wants to find his son. In a scuffle with Sean Casey and Kellan, he gets Kellan to give up Abel’s location and then goes to retrieve his son.

Back in Charming, Salazar and his old lady have Tara and Margaret tied up in an attic. Margaret comes clean with Tara about her past. She was in love, and it wasn’t until she OD’d on heroin that she woke up and realized she needed to abandon that life. This resonates with Tara, who’s been living an almost parallel life. Salazar makes a call to Piney and demands that the Sons kill Alvarez and take $250k that’s in his safe as ransom in exchange for the women.  They have twelve-hours. Tig, Piney, and Kozik agree to handle this without letting Jax know since he has enough on his plate. But they also know killing Alvarez will start a blood war.  Kozik suggests they make a plea. Tig’s with him, although Piney’s experience tells him the Mayans and Alvarez are not to be trusted. But with no other options, the men pay Alvarez a visit at his home.  Alvarez, holding his baby daughter, is caught off-guard.  Kozik makes his plea, tells them Salazar wants him dead in exchange for the money and he’ll free Tara and Margaret. They ask him to play dead for twenty-four hours, buying them time to get the money. Alvarez isn’t stupid, but he knows he can use this as a favor for the future.  He agrees. The men call Salazar and tell him the deeds done, Alvarez is a dead man. Salazar buys the bluff and agrees to set a meet for the pick up.

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