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Jax tells Stahl that Kellan used them to prove that Jimmy ordered the explosion and the IRA council has sanctioned Jimmy’s murder, he’s now a marked man in Ireland.  But Stahl tells Jax he needs to bring Jimmy back to the States alive or their deal to get Gemma off the hook is off the table.  But Jax’s priority is getting Abel back.  Meanwhile, Jimmy and his henchman Donny kill Sean Casey before torturing him to get information.  Donny mentions that he has set up a new arrangement with Putlova and the Russians – a safe haven for Jimmy in exchange for guns.

Jax has the address Kellan gave him for the Catholic orphanage and he takes Opie and Gemma with him.  When he gets there, he doesn’t find Abel, a nun says he’s been adopted.  But Gemma can tell the nun is lying about not knowing who the adoptive parents are, so she forces them to talk by taking a baby at gunpoint.  It works, and they get a name and address of where Abel and his new adoptive parents are staying.  Jax tells them he’ll check out the hotel first to make sure the couple is there.  When he gets to the hotel, he spots the couple – with Abel.  Time seems to stand still for him, the young couple looks happy, and Abel is with a loving family.  Jax is torn; his father’s wishes about his sons not living the life are ringing loud in his head and he is faced with making the decision to save his son from the life, or take him back home.  He chooses to leave Abel with the loving parents.  But when he goes to Gemma with this, she is furious.  She demands to know where her grandson is, and asks what he’s going to tell his other son about what happened to his older brother.  Gemma tells Jax that Tara’s pregnant.  Maureen overhears their conversation, and she feels John was getting through to Jax.  She decides to hide the love letters John wrote her, expressing his fears about Clay and Gemma, in Jax’s bag so he can find them when he gets back to Charming.  They’re interrupted with news that Sean Casey’s been killed, Jimmy tortured him for info.  Kellan says he’s probably planning to use Abel as leverage to get out of the country safely.  They rush to the hotel only to find the hotel room has been ransacked and the adoptive parents have been shot and killed.  Abel is now with Jimmy O’.  The IRA council agrees to make a deal to help get Abel back, and offer an even sweeter deal to Clay and Samcro, a bigger chunk and expansion of the gun business in exchange for Jimmy’s head when he gets to Norcal with the Russians.  Clay agrees, but Jax knows it’ll conflict with the deal he has with Stahl.  But he knows he can’t say anything without making himself look suspicious.  Finally, Jimmy arrives with Abel.  The exchange is made, and Jax and Abel are reunited.  Everyone is headed back to Charming, but then Bobby gets a call from Tig who has some news for Jax from Charming…

Back in Charming, Unser learns that his department is being taken over by San Joaquin County, leading him to Jacob Hale, who denies selling him out. But Unser is convinced Hale is behind Lumpy Feldstein’s death, and he’ll need Samcro’s help to take him down.  Stahl gets wind that Tara and Margaret are missing and brings this to Unser.  She agrees to help with the ranson money because she needs Jax to stay focused on Jimmy O’.  They go to Tig, Kozik, and Piney and team up to help free the women, but the drop goes awry and Salazar ends up spotting them and flees, realizing he’s been set up.  Meanwhile, Tara’s managed to free herself and Margaret when she stabs Salazar’s old lady, Luisa, with a broken glass shard in the neck.  She leaves her to bleed out, but is then intercepted by Salazar.  She makes a deal with him to let Margaret go and she’ll keep Luisa alive.  He agrees and Margaret is freed. Tara is left with Salazar and a dying Luisa, but they take off in Salazar’s car.  Salazar drives Tara and a dying Luisa to a deserted lot, where Tara is unsuccessful in saving Luisa’s life.  Salazar, desperate and enraged, slams Tara down on the hood of the car, putting a gun to her head as he squeezes the trigger…

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