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Samcro is back in Charming and Jax is now faced with a new problem: Hector Salazar has kidnapped Tara. Tig updates them on the situation; ATF and Charming PD are digging into Salazar and trying to find out his whereabouts.  They talk to his aunt who owned the house where he held Tara and Margaret, but so far nothing.  Clay decides to go talk to Unser, despite where they left off before they went to Belfast. Unser lets Clay know about San Joaquin taking over the department.  Without Charming PD, it’s a whole different town and a whole new ball game for Samcro.  He needs Clay’s help to prove Hale was behind Lumpy Feldstein’s death. That means they need to find Salazar and get him to talk. Mayans are looking for Salazar too, who has now become a threat to their new heroin operation.  Clay sets a meeting with Alvarez and tells him they need to bring in Salazar alive and also tells him about the bigger threat – Jacob Hale becoming mayor and turning Charming into a commercialized suburbia, bringing in County Sheriffs and complicating their new business deal.

Jax goes to Stahl who immediately wants to know where Jimmy O’Phelan is.  Jax tells her he’s up North with Putlova and the Russians, off the grid.  He says a brother in maximum security might be of help, Lenny the Pimp, who has direct ties to the Russians but no visitation rights.  Jax says if Stahl can get Lenny and Otto time together, they might get a lead on Putlova. But he can’t focus on any IRA stuff until Tara is found. Gemma goes to Stahl and tells her to call off whatever deal she has with Jax or she’ll turn herself in to the US attorney and tell them Stahl told her to lie, jeopardizing Stahl’s case and ruining her career.  Stahl’s partner and lover, Agent Amy Tyler catches the end of their conversation and demands to know what’s going on. Later, Stahl tells Jax they need to finish what they started and they need to go about it the right way. She tells him she needs the names of the Real IRA council members and she’ll clear Gemma. But if he gives her Jimmy, she’ll clear the club. She hands him a file and he takes it.

We see Jimmy at a safehouse up North with Viktor Putlova. Jimmy asks Putlova for safe passage to South America in exchange for the gun business, but Jimmy’s safety will still cost him two million dollars. They make arrangements for Donny to deliver the money, but Donny is only able to secure part of the money for now.

With the club’s impending jail sentence, Clay says he’ll need more men at the table. They decide to take another vote to patch Kozik in, but Tig still can’t get over what Kozik did to him and votes no. After the two men get to talk, in the end, we realize the “female” Tig and Kozik had been fighting about this whole time was the love of Tig’s life, his beloved dog, Missy.

Meanwhile, Salazar is growing more desperate by the minute; we see he’s killed another woman and hijacked her car. He then goes to Jacob Hale’s office and takes Jacob and Tara hostage.  He makes Tara call the police and he makes his demands: he needs to get to Tecate, Mexico safely in exchange for Hale, and he wants Jax in exchange for Tara.  No one thinks it’s a good idea, but it’s not even a question for Jax. When he goes in, he comes face-to-face with Salazar.  Salazar pistol-whips Jax, and as he raises his gun to him, Hale comes from behind and stabs Salazar in the kidney with a pen.  Salazar is able to escape, but Jax goes after him.  They reach the end of a hallway where Jax tells him he has nowhere left to go, he’ll let him live if he rats Hale out. Salazar is literally up against the wall with nowhere to turn, so he drops his weapon. Without hesitation, Jax plunges the knife into Salazar, killing him.  The Swat Team swoops in and Jax claims he acted in self-defense.

Later, we see Jax and Tara, reunited under better circumstances at the hospital seeing their unborn baby’s beating heart. Tara is finally reunited with Abel and the Teller family is whole once again. Things are looking up, even for Opie who proposes to Lyla on the rooftop after taking Gemma’s advice. But things for Stahl are spiraling out of control as her lies are beginning to catch up with her. After the hostage situation, she makes a very dark decision and turns to her partner and shoots and kills her.  She then calls it in, putting it on three Mexican males. The lies continue when she tells internal affairs that before she died, Tyler confessed to framing Gemma for Edmund Hayes’ murder and Gemma shot Polly Zobelle in self-defense. She tells IAD that Gemma was wrongly charged and that everything in Gemma’s statement was true, as she continues spinning her web of lies.

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