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Abel is back home, Tara is safe, and Gemma was able to get off with only house arrest. All is well in Charming as the MC celebrates with a big, celebratory breakfast. Lyla and Opie even announce their engagement to the club.  But while cleaning up, Gemma finds the Real IRA folder in Jax’s cut; she is stunned to find out that Jax is giving up the IRA council.  Later, Clay tells Gemma they gotta find Jimmy to make good on the deal they made with the IRA.  Gemma knows this can’t be good for Jax, or anyone.  She decides to turn herself in to help save Jax. While in a jail cell, she tells Stahl to kill the deal or she’ll tell the US attorney that Stahl’s case is all bullshit and the testimony was all  a lie.  She tells Stahl that nothing can ever work if it’s based on lies, someone will get hurt. When Clay comes to get Gemma, she cryptically tells him that they can’t look at Jax in the same light as John. Then, we see Jax at his father’s gravesite. He leaves the NS ring right next to the SO ring. Leaving their relationship in the grave.

Jax meets with Stahl who informs him of what Gemma threatened to do. She reminds him time is running out, the bail hearing is tomorrow and she needs Jimmy or at least some kind of information, as a show of good faith. He gives her back the folder with the IRA council and says he’ll sign off on all of them when all is said and done.

Clay and Bobby pay a visit to Big Otto at Stockton State Prison.  He says Lenny the Pimp is real tight with the Russians, he should be able to get a location for where their keeping Jimmy. When Otto and Lenny finally meet, Lenny tells him the only way to get to Jimmy is to buy him from Putlova, the Russian contact in Northern California. After going back and forth through lawyers, Samcro is able to get a location for Jimmy, but the Russians want two million dollars to turn him over to them. This is when Chucky comes in to save the day. When he was running counterfeit money for Lin, he kept the misprints – five million dollars worth. It’s an SOA payday. They’ll need to mix the fake money with real money to distract the Russians. Jax gets the money from Stahl. But the only catch is she wants to be there for the exchange. He reluctantly agrees, but tells her she’s gotta stay a few miles back.

It’s time to meet the Russians and make the exchange.  Jimmy learns real quickly that Putlova sold him out as he gets out of Putlova’s SUV and sees Clay and the rest of SOA. Samcro hands the cash over to the Russians who inspect it. All good. They hand over Jimmy. His fate sealed. As the MC takes off with Jimmy in tow, Putlova takes a look at the cash and realizes he’s been had – the money is fake. The Russians go after Samcro, but turn around when they see Stahl and the ATF vehicles staged down the road, waiting for them. Samcro also flees the ATF roadblock, leaving the tactical van behind. Stahl opens the van door and finds it empty. Livid, she meets with Jax who says the only way he’ll turn Jimmy over is if she frees the guys of hard time. The two take each other in, unsure if they should trust each other. Stahl says in order for her to move forward, she needs to see Jimmy alive. So Jax takes her to Teller-Morrow and gives her Jimmy. When Clay asks how she knew Jimmy was there, she makes a decision and rats out Jax in front of his brothers. His fate sealed. They snap, hell breaks loose, and Gemma’s devastated. Guards haul away Jax, Clay, Bobby, Tig, Juice, and Happy in a prison transport vehicle,  the men are enraged and disgusted at Jax for turning on his club.

We then see Chibs, Opie, and Kozik in the Wahewa School Bus, Opie has a Mac-10, –they’re driving with purpose. Unser, his office in boxes, places his gun and badge on his desk. He pulls out his personal pistol from his desk.  As Stahl and Estevez transport Jimmy, they’re tailed by Unser in his police car who signals for them to pull over. He says he got a tip that Jimmy’s goons would be waiting for them at a turnout, just wanted to warn them. Estevez and the other agent go check it out, leaving Stahl and Unser with Jimmy. Then, the school bus pulls up — Chibs, Opie, and Kozik rush out. Chibs goes to Jimmy, pulls him out of the sedan. The men take each other in, bad blood between the two.  Chibs takes two ‘chibs’ from his cut, slashing Jimmy’s face. He then drives both blades into Jimmy’s throat and twists, killing Jimmy O’Phelan. Meanwhile, Opie orders Stahl to get in the car and put her hands on the wheel. He’s in the backseat as she pleads for her life. He tells Stahl this is what Donna felt. Then he shoots Stahl in the head, she slumps on the wheel, dead. He grabs the RIRA folder off the front seat and tears it apart. Chibs then paints the Real IRA symbol on the windshield of the car in Jimmy’s blood. As the men leave, Unser, having played his part in the whole thing, tells Kozik to clock him. He then calls it in. Unser’s back on the team. As the prospects follow the prison transport vehicle, they get a text. They start honking as they pass the transport vehicle. Inside, we see Jax’s face light up, then Clay’s, as all the men burst out in laughter. Their plan worked. It’s finished. The prospects deliver a letter as instructed to Gemma, which explains everything. Gemma’s relieved, she cries tears of joy.  We then follow Tara, in the nursery, as she processes the day. She sees Jax’s duffle, picks it up, and inside finds the letters Maureen put in there for Jax. Curious, she takes the letters out and starts reading. As she reads, Tara’s is horrified to learn that John was afraid he would die at the hands of Gemma and Clay and his wishes for Jax to stay out of the life. But what will Tara do with all this new information. We will have to wait and see…

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